Extra Loco “Bling”

A few bits and pieces that have been sourced/made for 47493 over the last year. The driver's seat has been taken off the tank filled, sanded and revarnished to extend it's life.

A few privately funded embellishments by a few volunteers have also been acquired for the loco. First off an early LMS smokebox door numberplate from the first years of operation prior to the 1932 renumbering scheme.

A pair of worksplates to add to the leading splashers have been acquired as other than motion bracket, there was no indication of a build date.

Two destination boards have been cut with one nearly complete as a 'heritage' set with Potters Bar and Broad St on the reverse. These are two destinations the loco ran between during it's life at Devons Road, London. The second will become a preservation set to reflect it's home at the Spa Valley Railway.

Photos L. Treveil

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