Back to Norfolk for the latest on 47493’s boiler. But first some work at Tunbridge Wells which was essential for the Norfolk team.

We are now getting to the point where bits are being brought out of store to refurbish and enable final testing of the boiler. One of these items is the regulator valve, the big “switch” which allows steam out of the boiler and into the cylinders to make 47493 move. The works associated with the regulator were described previously, however things have moved on since then. First here is a recap of the early works.

We contracted the refurbishment of this component out, and over 100 hours have been spent on it in the last few months. Firstly the valve was sent away for specialist machining to the J-pipe, to ensure the valve surfaces were flat and smooth. Once that was complete all the faces had to be individually hand scraped to ensure they matched each other. This was done using Engineer’s Blue which identifies the high spots that are to be scraped off, hence the many hours work. Photos M. Staniforth & A. Alder

Next up was the regulator rod which required building up with weld and re-machining round. This necessitated some machining of the socket on the J-pipe where the rod fits, and a new bush to be made and fitted.

Last but not least the J-pipe is clamped to the main steam pipe which goes to the front of the boiler. The pipe needed inspection and a new clamp manufacturing, the latter can be glimpsed in the third photo above. Photos M. Staniforth

Once complete, the whole lot was dispatched to Norfolk where a trial fitting has now been completed.

Up on the boiler itself work is progressing very well towards final testing. The final components are being ordered, refurbished and fitted. The mudhole doors are being refurbished and made to fit their respective holes. We have just placed the order for the new washout plugs, identified in the Boiler Appeal and at over £50 each and needing over 25, this will not be a cheap exercise. Please consider sponsoring one or two if you can! Photos M. Fuller, NNR Engineering

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